Sunday, September 26, 2010


Music Meme, Day 28: One song that needs to never be played again.

Madonna - True Blue [wiki]

In... 1986 (I think) MTV had a "contest" where viewers made videos for this song and submitted them. It was all they played - for about a WEEK maybe TWO.

this was back in the day before MTV started SUCKING completely-- and when videos were entertaining. (Now you may as well just sit around watching video taped concert footage), because other than the Foo Fighters, and a few other groups -- NOBODY puts any creative thought into any video anymore.

Anyway... those one or two weeks of all Madonna / all True Blue / all the time... really really sucked

[Meme, Day 1, with the entire list of assignments, can be found here.]
Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Music Meme, Day 23: Your favorite duet.

Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty - Stop Draggin My Heart Around

I scanned through many, many, many lists of duets, male / female , male / male, female / female...
and I realized that I don't like most of those songs. So I picked the one that I do like.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Music Meme, Day 24: Your favorite cover song.

Maynard James Keenan - Rocket Man

I heard this one the other day, and I like it so it is the current favorite. There are a LOT of covers that I actually like, but I'm sticking with the "of the moment" theme.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Music Meme, Day 25: Favorite song from 2010 (so far)

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - All You Do is Talk - [video]

Honestly, I never listen to the radio, so keeping up with currency isn't a thing for me. I honestly have no idea when songs come out these days... so I did some research for songs released this year. From a large selection I have picked one as my "current" favorite.

This one has a very mid to late 80s sound -- or at least it does to me.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Music Meme, Day 26: Your favorite movie video.

Movie video? What the hell is a movie video? ASSUMING they meant MUSIC video? Do they still MAKE music videos, or is it all "here is some video footage of the band singing (oh wow gee how fun)?

OK, Go - Here it Goes Again [see the video]

I haven't watched "music videos" since the 1990s. I figured they had gone the way of the DoDo bird. I watched (many) videos and I liked this one (as far as being a new(er) video and contributing something to entertainment).

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I also just realized that when I posted more than one "day" in a post that I should have reversed the order of those grouped posts.

AH, well.

Music Meme, Day 27: One song in your mp3 folder you’re pretty sure no one else has.

Jugtown Pirates - Easy Come, Easy Go -

I got NOTHIN" that nobody else don't got.

I am pretty sure someone in the world has a chance at having any one of my songs. This is just a stupid question.
I picked Jugtown Pirates, because -- at least to my knowledge they are not yet signed with a major record label. I heard them while I was in San Francisco. They were playing on the streets near the place where the street car transfers station. I liked that they were different, and I dig on some bluegrass once in a while... so I bought their CD.
Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Music Meme, Day 18: An instrumental song you like.

Johann Sebastian Bach • I've always really liked this piece.

It's not an exciting video, but it is one that permitted sharing in this way.

* * * * * *

Music Meme, Day 19: Your favorite love song.

Amos LeeArms of a Woman

I had a hard time selecting one for this-- because each "new love" has a different song that has meaning to go with it.

* * * * * *

Music Meme, Day 20: Your favorite breakup song.

John MayerAll We Ever Do is Say Good-bye

Um... well read some of this weblog, and that is all the explanation you should need. Sadly, there isn't much to this song, Lyrically, but I like it anyway.

... and

The YahoosBaby, I Love You, (Just Leave me the F#&k Alone)

Why? Because it amuses me, and completely fits how I feel about Break-ups.

And yes, this one is for you. (You know who you are.)

* * * * * *

Music Meme, Day 21: A song that makes you want to break stuff.

System of a DownChop Suey

There are no songs that make me want to "break stuff". I do tend to listen to harder music when I am in a pissed-off mood, but I've never been one to throw or break items out of anger.

THAT SAID, I will just select one of my more violent mood type of songs and call it good.

* * * * * *

Music Meme, Day 22: Your favorite song from a movie

Bob Marley(Don't Worry) Three Little Birds

There are so many songs -=- so many movies... This is another one of those that changes FREQUENTLY... so, again, in a day or two I'd have a different answer. I heard this one in the movie I AM LEGEND with Will Smith (that movie is a re-make, for those that don't know so already).
Friday, September 10, 2010


Music Meme, Day 16: The first song in your mp3 folder.

That depends on how it is sorted. By date, by artist, by song title... What is the point in this question?

Sorted by Song Title:
The Jackson 5 • [ABC] as easy as 1-2-3.

-- -- --

Sorted by Date Added:
Guns n Roses • [Sweet Child O' Mine] dated 13 May 1998.

* * * * * *

Music Meme, Day 17: The last song in your mp3 folder.

Sorted by Song Title:
ZZ Top • [Tush] I ain't askin for much... hmmm mmm!!

-- -- --

Sorted by Date Added:
Maynard James Keenan • [Rocketman] Cover of the Elton John song... by the guy from the guy from Tool. Yeah, seriously! Tool!

* * * * * *

[Meme, Day 1, with the entire list of assignments, can be found here.]
Thursday, September 02, 2010


Music Meme, Day 15: A song you liked in high school.

Again, there is just WAY too much music. I was going through sites that listed the top songs of 1984-1987, and really, there was (in my OPINION) a lot of pretty bad music. Way to happy, way too NEW WAVE. (sigh). I have always liked Van Halen, so I decided to try to find something else that I liked during those years.

Simple Minds

• [Don't You (Forget About Me)] (1985)

This was one of the limited number of non-heavy metal type songs that I liked.

When I was in Junior High / High School, I listened to (a LOT) of "Metal". Ozzy (with or without Black Sabbath), AC/DC, (and then the ones that make me laugh now...) Motley Crue (BEFORE they did Theatre of Pain) , Iron Maiden and many others like them. I listened to the stoner music, although I was never a stoner. I was not into Duran Duran, did not Mousse my hair, nor did I ever wear eyeliner... well, except for maybe on Halloween (the holiday, not the band). <:o)

Anyway, I liked this song, and looking through (countless top 100 site listings, it was really one of the few I remember liking that was listed on such sites.

[Meme, Day 1, with the entire list of assignments, can be found here.]

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