Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I've been 'acting supervisor' at work this past week and a half. We call the person in this position the Pseudo-Supervisor, usually because whoever is in that position tends to walk around delusional and beliving s/he is more important (and therefore holds much more power than s/he actually does) -which causes said person to have major personality flaws.

During my "term" as Pseudo-Sup., I generally rant about supplies, organization and cleanliness in the work areas. I delegate and plead with people to "JUST DO the shit in their job descriptions." Generally they try to claim that this is not in their job descriptions - and then I pull out the POSTED job openings newsletter and point out that - as we speak, there are some openings in their exact positions, and since the description (located right under the title and apply by dates) inded list the very things I have asked them to take care of. I add that - since there are X number of openings now, and chances are, we will receive many inquiries from many QUALIFIED applicants that not only will we be able to fill the vacancies, but also - possibly find someone who is not so likely to give me this amount of grief over something as simple as MAKING SURE THEY SIGN OUT supplies on the PROVIDED sheet that is ON the supply closet shelf in the first place.

I know that may seem a bit confusing; the paragraph itself is poorly constructed. I don't really care, I am under the influence of narcotics. I took the pill in order to help me sleep - since my knee has been hurting enough to prevent me from getting rest lately. I'm looking into a solution for that (since one can only do so much while taking narcotics, and my job is not one of those things that I should /would do with narcotics indcued fuzziness. (clouded judgement is not a good thing.)

This weekend (and today) I helped some friends move into their new home (their first one, they are very excited). I've met many of their other friends (married couples and single people alike). What a nice bunch of people they are.

I have been invited to a party (taking place Saturday) - and I'm looking forward to going to that. Lately, I am (for some unknown reason) superstitious enough that I cannot say much about some of the people I met (and am interested in getting to know better) because it would doom things to not work out in my favor. (boo-yah).

I am feeling quite peaceful, and happy... but that may just be the drugs talking.
Thursday, April 14, 2005


All day long, I've been unable to stay focused. I realize that I did work a 12 hour shift last night but I should be rested now, I slept 4 hours, then woke up and ate; fell back asleep and slept almost 4 more. (until waking just now). I could fall back asleep and probably sleep all night (at least as far as I feel -???- still).

The dreams I've had during my sleeping have been fragmented and cryptic, other than I can tell you that they involved lots of sex with many beautiful women (some celebrities).

I woke up this time because it was hot in the house and I was very, very thirsty. I do not have a solid theory (or reasons why I feel like this today).
Saturday, April 02, 2005


I have spent the day alternating between feeling restless and lazy and amorous. Most of my afternoon was spent watching "100 Best moments in horror" on BRAVO (which I love).

This is really the first day since she moved (across the country) that I have missed her more in a physical sense than just socially.

I'm not sure what significance that has. She left a week ago. (Doesn't say much about my character, now does it?)

Once the show ends (on BRAVO) I will shower, cook myself dinner and then probably end up on line.

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