Sunday, November 13, 2005


As it is, J is back, for the most part. She lives just under three hours away. We've seen eachother-- that is spent time together three times since her 25 October return to the Pacific coast. She seems to believe that everything should just pick up as if nothing ever disrupted the flow of things. I mean... she went away FAR away for almost a year. The choice was clearly for money and I admit I defended her choice nine ways to December; but in all honesty-- I think that my doing so was mostly out of self-preservation.

Do I care about her? Yes .I care about her a great deal. I just don't feel exactly the same way I did. I have tried to sit back and see what happens but really, when it comes down to it,my feelings are not where they were before the move. That is not to say that, given time, I would feel the same way again; but I don't feel that way "Right Now".

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