Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Please accept my apologies, as I have been detained for so long-- I am trying to find my way back to writing more often.
momentaneous\mo`men*ta"ne*ous (adj.)
lasting for a markedly brief time. [A fleeting glance]
Lately, (lately? ... well... I guess it's been what, four? Five months? Believe me, I just have had so much going on. Most of which NOW seems so insignificant. As much as I want to tell you everything -- I will be unable to do that. I will however, come back at some point to give you some indication of exactly what has kept me so busy.

Love to you all.

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If you don't "get it" that's ok. My moods vary from light hearted and amused to darker and often stormy. I do not feel that medication is necessary for the majority of people for every day mood changes, but for some reason everyone I know seems to be on either Zoloft or Prozac. That sums up all that is wrong in the world.
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