Saturday, February 26, 2011


Tonight, I attended a dinner party - type thing with Autumn. A friend of ours (the friends who introduced us) has a birthday -which is technically tomorrow; and tonight was the celebration. They had said "come to the dinner party"... but what they had in leiu of dinner was a bunch of foodie-appetizers. It was good food, I am not complaining about the taste or quality of it -- but I had been thinking "dinner party" meant - dinner-food... so I went to the thing HUNGRY.
soiree. n.
an evening party or social gathering,
especially one held for a particular purpose
I stayed as long as I could, and when my headache (which has been showing up at different levels of intensity for the past three days) returned... with the threat of pending vengeance... so I wished the birthday lady well, thanked her and her husband for inviting me, and I slipped out the door.

I am really just not feeling like myself. My pointed head has a dull ache, and I am really very tired. The back of my neck feels like the tendons and nerves are drawn so tight that if a house fly were to hit the back of my head, the tendons would snap, sending my head to the floor, and it would very likely roll under some piece of heavy furniture. Then it would be MONTHS before anyone would finally find it. (Can you imagine how bad that might smell?)

Anyway... I am not feeling quite like myself. I am probably no longer my usual yellow self.


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