Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Music Meme, Day 18: An instrumental song you like.

Johann Sebastian Bach • I've always really liked this piece.

It's not an exciting video, but it is one that permitted sharing in this way.

* * * * * *

Music Meme, Day 19: Your favorite love song.

Amos LeeArms of a Woman

I had a hard time selecting one for this-- because each "new love" has a different song that has meaning to go with it.

* * * * * *

Music Meme, Day 20: Your favorite breakup song.

John MayerAll We Ever Do is Say Good-bye

Um... well read some of this weblog, and that is all the explanation you should need. Sadly, there isn't much to this song, Lyrically, but I like it anyway.

... and

The YahoosBaby, I Love You, (Just Leave me the F#&k Alone)

Why? Because it amuses me, and completely fits how I feel about Break-ups.

And yes, this one is for you. (You know who you are.)

* * * * * *

Music Meme, Day 21: A song that makes you want to break stuff.

System of a DownChop Suey

There are no songs that make me want to "break stuff". I do tend to listen to harder music when I am in a pissed-off mood, but I've never been one to throw or break items out of anger.

THAT SAID, I will just select one of my more violent mood type of songs and call it good.

* * * * * *

Music Meme, Day 22: Your favorite song from a movie

Bob Marley(Don't Worry) Three Little Birds

There are so many songs -=- so many movies... This is another one of those that changes FREQUENTLY... so, again, in a day or two I'd have a different answer. I heard this one in the movie I AM LEGEND with Will Smith (that movie is a re-make, for those that don't know so already).


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