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Music Meme, Day 15: A song you liked in high school.

Again, there is just WAY too much music. I was going through sites that listed the top songs of 1984-1987, and really, there was (in my OPINION) a lot of pretty bad music. Way to happy, way too NEW WAVE. (sigh). I have always liked Van Halen, so I decided to try to find something else that I liked during those years.

Simple Minds

• [Don't You (Forget About Me)] (1985)

This was one of the limited number of non-heavy metal type songs that I liked.

When I was in Junior High / High School, I listened to (a LOT) of "Metal". Ozzy (with or without Black Sabbath), AC/DC, (and then the ones that make me laugh now...) Motley Crue (BEFORE they did Theatre of Pain) , Iron Maiden and many others like them. I listened to the stoner music, although I was never a stoner. I was not into Duran Duran, did not Mousse my hair, nor did I ever wear eyeliner... well, except for maybe on Halloween (the holiday, not the band). <:o)

Anyway, I liked this song, and looking through (countless top 100 site listings, it was really one of the few I remember liking that was listed on such sites.

[Meme, Day 1, with the entire list of assignments, can be found here.]


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