Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Music Meme, Day 9: A song that reminds you of an ex.

Chicago • [Hard Habit to Break]

For this one, I selected a song from the 80s for my "first girlfriend". This was a two-week relationship in the 9th grade, during which we would walk the halls from one class to the next holding hands, and talked on the phone every night. She would pass me a note between classes (at least one per day), all folded up with a little pull-tab with which to open it.

* * * I am sorry this one is late * * *

Music Meme, Day 8: One band/singer whose popularity you will never understand.

Limp Bizkit • [Band Website] I know, some of you LIKE THEM... and that is OK, but this is not your weblog. I have heard ONE song by this group that I actually like, and right now I can't really recall which one it is. :) I'll come back and add the name of it when I do.

[Meme, Day 1, with the entire list of assignments, can be found here.]


Neva said...

Yeah, I'm with you on this one.

Bert said...

They did come out with a song where the guy actually SINGS? Which he was encouraged to do by Aaron Lewis (surprise on that huh??)

But I can't think of the song title, and seem to have lost the MP3... (sigh).

BUT - that one - I actually LIKE.

Bert is Feelin'...


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