Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Music Meme - Day 3: A song that makes you dance

Wow. You know, I started thinking about this one at midnight when I was still waiting for the tiredness to arrive. I was unable to think of a single song that "gets me dancing". I looked through most of my the 4625 songs in my iTunes (on external storage I have over 5500 song collection), and I don't generally dance. It's never been something I've enjoyed.

I have thought about it a lot. I cannot think of a song to post. Some people think of Dance Track type music. Or at least one of the few songs that get my foot tapping or my thumbs drumming did not seem suitable to one of the people I talked to regarding my song selection.

The song I had thought of was Steeler's Wheel - Stuck in the Middle (With You). I am not sure why my friend didn't think it was a great answer, but I think maybe she was just thinking of a more current piece or maybe more of a dance track type song? Later she told me to use it, yet, by then (15 minutes later) that selection no longer appealed to me in the same way.

As for the "gets my feet tapping or thumbs drumming", there are so many songs that do. I was unable to select ONE. I am still unable to stay on "just one". Each of the ones I like (as in really like) to hear, is for a different reason, or is tied to a different memory that was a happy one. Many are tied to memories that are sad, (and those will be posted on another day, so I am not going to go into that now.)

So, with that, I will come back to this one and update this post once I decide on a song that makes me feel like dancin' (gonna dance the night away).

[Meme, Day 1, with the entire list of assignments, can be found here.]


Lovely Rita said...

There are TWO songs that come to mind when I think of DANCE songs.
1) Walking on Sunshine / Katrina and the Waves - which is obviously the kind of song that you cannot sit still while listening to.
2) Smooth / Carlos Santana & Rob Thomas - which is a different kind of dancing altogether. This one gets my hips to swaying.
I see your bushy eyebrows going up Mr. Bert. Yes, Rita's hips sway.

Smoothly. haha!

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