Thursday, August 19, 2010


Music Meme - Day 4: Favorite Male Artist

Now, a Question like this is just too hard to answer. I have a hard time picking a favorite artist, be it male or female. That changes from day to day with my mood.

Favorite of ALL TIME... again. (Perhaps this is not the best meme for me to try to do.)My favorites depend greatly on the personality (I have many, as some of you know) of the day.

So what I have done is selected a favorite for my current mood, and then gave mention to other artists whom I like more than others. those are not listed in any particular order below:

Day 4, Favorite Male Singer of the moment, anyway is Matthew Caws (Nada Surf)

Nada Surf

• [band website]

I'm liking Nada Surf lately, or my mp3 player likes them and plays a LOT of them when set to random with all of the music I have loaded onto it.


Some of my other favorites include (but are not limited to):

Elvis | Willie Nelson | Paul Simon | Chris Cornell | Aaron Lewis (Staind) | Justin Furstenfeld (Blue October) | Rob Thomas (Matchbox 20) | Johnny Cash | John Lennon / Paul McCartney (The Beatles) | Sting | Alfalfa (because he had so much heart when he sang).

[Meme, Day 1, with the entire list of assignments, can be found here.]


Neva said...

Alfalfa (because he had so much heart when he sang).

Awwww! So true!

Bert is Feelin'...


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