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Music Meme, Day 6: Your favorite band

Again, there are just too many that I like. I guess I don't have favorite artists, or favorite bands on a solid. That is to say... my tastes, as I stated before, change. Frequently and without reason.

So, my choice, based on TODAY and my MOOD... is

Blue October

• [Band Website]

I thought this meme would be a great deal of fun... and I am deciding (now) that I am just really effin' indecisive. Seriously. I cannot pick a single band / group that is my all time favorite. I have 24 days left of this meme, and I feel that I am failing quite miserably at it.

I ordered my song list in iTunes alphabetically by artist, set it to randomize, and hit the -> next button forty-one times. I selected forty-one, because in a week, that will be my age. So, that was not a complicated thing to decide on for me.

I did this to try to figure out what bands for which I have the largest number of songs. The largest song number by any particular band is Led Zeppelin... but then, a lot of that has to do with how many songs or albums the band has released, and that is not a great method for finding a favorite. (although I have always really liked Zeppelin).

Going back to the frequently played list, at the top (highest play count) are:

Blue October, Disturbed, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Breaking Laces, and Nada Surf.

What I listen to is completely dependent on my mood. When I am in an aggressive, pissy, angry, or negative mood, bands like Disturbed fit the ticket. If I am in a mellow-ish mood, feeling a LITTLE bit on the low side, but not totally dumpish, Blue October works for me. When I want to sit around and think about my ex-girlfriend, J, John Mayer and Jack Johnson will be listened to. When I am feeling relatively happy, and want to sing along, I like Nada Surf, Breaking Laces and many many others.

I mean, with five thousand, nine hundred and seventy-eight songs... how can I possibly pick ONE song, or ONE band?

[Meme, Day 1, with the entire list of assignments, can be found here.]


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