Monday, July 18, 2005


Yah, I didn't belive it when I (re)read it either. I guess I thought that by putting the concept onto these pages, I could claim de-denialification and it would seem as if I was actually going to jump out there and ravage women as I came across them without regard to safety or morals. (yah, that's gonna happen).

I am at least considering dating. I was at Starbucks earlier and thought, well hell this is easy- everyone's name is on their cup. That surely must be useful. Then I thought, oh wait... if two people go in and order drinks they generally put the same name on the cups anyway. Which means its not as useful as I originally had thought.

Lately I seem to have unquenchable thirst for cool water. Not ice cold, but cool. Ice cold is great, and I love it but when I am this thirsty it freezes my eyes, and that hurts.


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