Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Until I hear whether or not my vacation has been approved, I will have to resort to other methods of relaxation. Since I have frequent trouble sleeping, and since I am rather opposed to subjecting my kidneys, liver and heart to a sundry of medication on a recurring basis, I am open to many alternative suggestions, holistic and other related practices. Anyone with chronic sleep problems can tell you that eventually, you are willing to try *almost* anything.

Once upon a time (actually, that makes it seem like an eternity has passed, ahem)... Not long ago, I was walking down the street and a stranger approached me. She said "You look tired". She was older, with a heavily lined but friendly face. I looked at her, and I smiled, and said "Well, yes I am tired actually. I have worked a long shift and I'm ready to go home, but I still have a couple of hours to go." She reached in the pocket of her faded sweater, which was beginning to unravel. She then took my hand in hers, and placed a small white crystal in my palm. "This will give you peace. Hold on to it when you feel negative and concentrate on the energy."

She told me that from time to time, I would need to "re-charge" the crystal by placing it on a windowsill and allowing the sun to shine on it. At first I tried to return it, explaining that I did not have any cash on me to pay her for it. (Assuming that was her goal). She told me that it was a gift, and I owed her nothing. I thanked her and tucked it away in my pocket and left. When I got home I looked at it, and smiled. "Crazy old lady," I said. I put the crystal on my bed side table next to my alarm-clock radio and forgot about it.

A few months later, when I actually moved the stuff on the bed side table to dust, I found it again. I remembered the old lady and wondered if she was still around. Then I put the crystal on my windowsill and went to work.


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