Wednesday, March 02, 2005


(Act I, Scene 2)
this is continued from FADE IN post from Monday, 7 February 2005.

ANNE I am thinking about pancakes for breakfast.

She snuggles her back against him as he rubs her arm with his hand.

WILL rolls himself over her, supporting most of his weight with his arms.

WILL I can't say that as much love pancakes that they are really on my mind right now.

ANNE smirks, feigning ignorance.
Well, how about bacon then?

WILL raises an eye brow, and rolls back onto his side, and props himself up on his elbow; pretending to have lost track of what his original intentions were.
Oh, I love bacon!! Bacon it is. You can never go wrong offering me bacon, because I forget anything that was said before the word. Bacon. I love it THAT much.

ANNE laughs and attempts to shove WILL off of the side of the bed, but she is unable to.


(To be continued...)


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