Monday, February 07, 2005

Fade In.

ACT I Scene 1

WILL and ANNE are lying in bed, having just awoken, the curtains are drawn but a small amount of light filters through. They are motionless and quiet.

WILL rolls onto his back, stretches and cracks his toes and ankles.

ANNE, lying on her side, smiles and scrunches her toes in an attempt to make them crack. Faint cracking sounds can be heard.

WILL smiles and wiggles his feet, cracking his ankles multiple times. It is much louder than hers was.

ANNE cracks her toes again, and they continue with this competitive exchange for a few rounds.

WILL wiggles his feet, but nothing happens.

ANNE giggles
Wooo! I win!

WILL rolls over to face her and smiles. He touches her hair, and his hand moves down to rest on her arm. He kisses her temple.

(to be continued...)


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