Tuesday, February 01, 2005


defined: Ability to acquire, retrieve, and use knowledge in a meaningful way; to understand concrete and abstract ideas; and to comprehend relationships among objects and ideas.
Know it. Show it.
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Posts on this blog may seem somewhat cryptic to those of you for which it was not intended. If you are unsure what the real meaning behind something is, and you were not directly sent a link via email to this weblog, you are one of the unintentional viewers. That is OK, you are welcome to continue to visit me here; just don't assume that you will always know the underlying meaning of each post.

Things are not always what they may seem.


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If you don't "get it" that's ok. My moods vary from light hearted and amused to darker and often stormy. I do not feel that medication is necessary for the majority of people for every day mood changes, but for some reason everyone I know seems to be on either Zoloft or Prozac. That sums up all that is wrong in the world.
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