Monday, December 27, 2010


I am so hungry lately! The past two days, I think I have eaten more than I normally eat in a week.

Coffee, oatmeal, toast, two apples, a quesadilla, a Pop Tart, water, some Cheetos, whole grain pasta, Cracker Jacks, and tea, a cup of "Airborne" (cold remedy herbs), among other things. I agree... most of it is not very healthy. I simply do not feel like actually COOKING, but I am (very) hungry.
adj. very hungry or greedy; ravenous; avid
I have been sleeping a lot too. I am not quite sure I will complete my recent QUEST for sleep and food... but I am trying very hard to get back to normal. To spell it out... I am sick. I am slightly achey, have nasal congestion, have suffered numerous headaches in the past few days, and I am inescapably exhausted.

I am hoping that over the next few days, all of the sleep I have been getting will (finally) help me to feel normal again.

So far, in the past two days, I have slept 21 hours (at least). For me, that is a LOT of sleep.


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