Thursday, October 07, 2010



Maybe it is just a typical for me cluster migraine... Maybe it is because I did not (could not) sleep last night. Maybe it was something I ate. Maybe it was the wine I drank yesterday... WHATEVER caused this, I hope it doesn't stay. I am stuck, at work, with my shoulders tensed up in a knot - due to the knot of pain in my frontal lobe on the right side. If this headache persists, and if it follows the natural course of headaches (according to my personal history of having them), it will later move to the parietal lobe, and then it will go away... temporarily.
n.(Medicine / Pathology) a technical name for headache


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If you don't "get it" that's ok. My moods vary from light hearted and amused to darker and often stormy. I do not feel that medication is necessary for the majority of people for every day mood changes, but for some reason everyone I know seems to be on either Zoloft or Prozac. That sums up all that is wrong in the world.
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