Monday, June 28, 2010


Last Friday, I had a visit with a doctor, in order to discuss in which ways I might change my lifestyle habits in order to aid in lowering my blood pressure and cholesterol. This was the first time I had seen this particular doctor, so, she knew nothing other than the facts: 40 yr. old male, with high blood pressure and high cholesterol | here to talk about how he might lower both. She knocked on the exam room door, and entered. She looked at me, then at the chart in her hand, and said OH Ok!

We exchanged the normal greetings and introduction, and then she sat down to discuss my options.
assiduity -
n.great and constant diligence and attention
She had stated that she could tell that I was already in good physical condition, and we discussed the fact that all of these health factors were said to run in my family. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and just about anything else people tend to have but nobody really wants. She asked me questions about my hypertensive medication dosage, eating habits, and other related things. We discussed where I might make some changes, and I was given a hand written list of instructions:

Increase medication dosage from 30mg per day to 60. If blood pressure continues to be too high (over 140/90), increase the dosage by 30 mg each week. If a higher dose is needed (if that dosage is still not working well), I would need to make an appointment to be seen for a new prescription.

I also need to be sure to get a minimum of 30 min. exercise 5 /7 days a week...

For the cholesterol, rather than a statin (which may be where I need to go next). FOR NOW, I will be taking Niacin (Vitamin B3)and aspirin, plus 1 gram of Fish Oil per day.

OH! and ... the pretty (although MARRIED) doctor wants to see me again in September. >|8o) <-- happy bert


Lovely Rita said...

I am convinced that you'll do just fine in getting that pesky blood pressure and cholesterol under control. I am rooting for you Bert!

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