Monday, February 28, 2005


n : one who attacks the reputation of another by slander or libel.

It's one thing to say things about me. But when a person insults my friends -- or worse, my family, I find it very hard to live by the rules of 'forgive and forget'. The forgive part usually comes in time. It is the 'forgetting' that I find extremely difficult.

I usually don't expect much from people. Give your friends the same respect and love and TIME that they give to you, and your aura will be as sweet as honeysuckle nectar.

I pride myself on dedicating time to helping people that need. I listen to them, and all I want in return is

1) for them to occasionally ASK ME HOW I'M DOING for a change,


2) at least try to be receptive and understanding to my feelings as I have expressed them.

I enjoy talking to people on line. I enjoy getting to know (on the superficial level allowed by electronic communication) them. I do feel a heavy sense of rejection when they disregard my feelings; even though it shouldn't matter.

I'm sorry if you feel I should always be the one to initiate things each time we meet, but it really isn't a very solid / online or otherwise / friendship if its that one sided.

I may be annonymous and somewhat fictional, but I have a heart, I've been to Oz, seen the wizzard and I do have feelings. I'm having a bad day, again. Most of you would not understand - but then again, most of you haven't asked.


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