Friday, November 05, 2010


I'm not sure what caused it... maybe it was all of the worms (see previous post). I'm not feeling so great tonight. I have upper-abdominal discomfort. (That is the pleasant way of saying - this is not a poo-problem.)

While it is not heartburn -- it feels like my stomach used to feel when I was in high school. You see, during my high-school years, I had problems with stomach acid and ulcers. Oddly enough, they went away a few years later. Until now.
n. a disorder of digestive function
characterized by discomfort or
heartburn or nausea
Needless to elaborate -- but here it is anyway, I don't feel so great. I've (taken / eaten) some TUMS, which have not yet worked. It is as if I can feel the illness creeping its way up my body... and despite my best efforts, I will be unable to prevent it.

For now, I am going to blame the schmoes at work, who, today, were constantly asking me, "Are you getting sick?"

(sigh). This sucks.


Lovely Rita said...

Sorry you is sicky Mr. Bert.

Bert said...

Thank you, kind Rita. I am feeling better now... but for those few days - I was not having so much fun.

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